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Our mission is to Inspect, Collect and analyze your samples that may contain contaminants, and provide you with a detailed characterization report with recommendations from our professionals on what to do if needed.


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“The price is forgotten, the quality remains”

Michel Audiard

Quality of our sampling

SolAirEau Group complies with CNESST regulations and uses the appropriate techniques and equipment for each type of sampling, so that the test results have recognized scientific credibility.

Quality of our analysis

Laboratory analysis is done by certified professionals (chemists, microbiologists, technicians, etc.) from an accredited laboratory whose protocols are established and recommended by organizations such as Health Canada, IRSST, ACC and AIHA.

SolAirEau Group always recommends to have your samples collected by our trained professionals. Samples collected by specialized technicians ensure more scientific credibility, and give a guarantee of the origin of the samples to the laboratory receiving it.

Our engagements

Provide concrete solutions  to meet your current and long-term needs. Respect the deadlines as previously disclosed in the contract.

We listen in order to advise you on your questions. We communicate with you throughout the process, and even after sending the report.

Our liability insurance is $ 2,000,000 and the professional insurance is $ 2,000,000.

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Our expertise

SolAirEau Group is a Quebec company specialized in environmental expertise, soil, air, water and construction materials.

Our main mission is the inspection, the sampling and the laboratory analysis, in order to support our
customers in their technical and administrative projects.

Our professionals are

Reactive, adapt to the unexpected

Rigorous, concerned about every detail

Specialized, have the appropriate technical skills

Our team

SolAirEau Group has a young, dynamic and multidisciplinary team with diverse profiles, rich experiences in the scientific field. We work with professionals specialized in chemical, microbiological, geological, and environmental engineering as well as other related fields.
This multidisciplinarity allows us to have a global vision of our job, and ensure quality service to our customers..